As part of the research project 'Rethinking the Ethics of Vaccination', led by Stephen John, I have been thinking a lot about vaccination policies. What justifies them? How should we distribute vaccines? When, if ever, should we mandate vaccination? Part of this research project has involved organising a workshop series - 'Rethinking the Ethics of Vaccination'. Details can be found below.  

Solidarity, Responsibility, and Obligation

Date: 25th March, 2021

Speakers: Barbara Prainsack, John Coggon, and Jessica Flanigan

Uncertainty, Decision, and Policy

Date: 15th April, 2021

Speakers: Katie Steele, Krister Bykvist, Martin Peterson, and Nir Eyal

Vaccine Hesitancy

Date: 28th April, 2021

Speakers: Katherine Furman, Maya J. Goldenberg, and Cailin O'Connor

The Population and the Individual

Date: 12th May, 2021

Speakers: Alex Voorhoeve, Bastian Steuwer, Susanne Burri, and Caspar Hare

What Counts? Who Counts?

Date: 1st June, 2021

Speakers: Polly Mitchell, Andrew Schroeder

Panel: James Wilson, Jeff Skopek, and Flavio Toxvaerd 

Get in touch, via email, if you have any questions. Also feel free to get in touch if you just want to chat about vaccination - I find philosophy is best done through the medium of a good natter.